Different accommodations are provided at the camp, such as residences, food and so on. To stay overnight on Yazd desert, we have two different types of room.first one, sleep on the floor on the mattress in a traditional way, and second is suite.

Stay overnight in Yazd desert
Stay overnight in Yazd desert

Accommodation services

To stay overnight on Yazd desert, traditional style living rooms are one of our accommodation services and comfortable in winter in terms of heating for dear travelers. In summer, we deal desert heat with air conditioners. We have considered suitable rooms with desert climate for staying in Yazd desrt, which are in the form of suites, which dear travelers will be served with potatoes and fiery tea and Yazdi cake after entering. Our accommodation services are for the enjoyment of desert space, overnight staying and stars observation, Which is accompanied by dinner and breakfast. camel riding is With the help of Sarban, who is a professional camel rider, to stay overnight on yazd desert you also will experience Off-road (Safari) on sand dunes, and four-wheeled motorbike. Driving on a four-wheeled motorbike for safety is on a flat surface every where in Yazd desert.

Desert creation

The desert is created both naturally and by humans on a very large or very small surface.
the Central Desert of Iran is the largest desert in Iran and in the world , which is naturally formed.

Deserts form within arid regions. desert is the driest place in the world, the desert (which is actually salt and soil) may be found in semi-arid, arid, and desert areas. Therefore, in short, the “desert” is a vast land, or in other words, the driest climate in the world and countries, the “desert” of the soil is strongly influenced by salt (salt field) and in a variety of climates. Wherever there are factors for its formation, such as dry climate in the first place, surface and groundwater salinity are created.

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