In Yazd City Tour you will know why Yazd inscribed on world heritage list on 2017. Yazd is the world s first raw clay city and the second historical city after Italy Venice.
In Yazd city tour،You will see some sights of zoroastrian which you rarely visit in other places. Some historical sightseeing of Yazd in yazd city tour are including Fire temple، Zoroastrian Museum, Tower of silence, Dolatabad garden, Amirchaghmagh complex,Water museum, Jume Mosque,Alexander prison and old part of the city.

Yazd is one of the highlights of of any trip to Iran. located between the northern Dasht-e Kavir and southern Dasht-e LutIt features a specific position regarding ancient architecture،religions decorations and so on.despite deprivations in recreational facilitiesTthis ancient city has brought up people who have made it as “Dar-ol-ebaadeh”(signifing”huose of worshipers”.)

This is a place to wander and get lost in the maze of historic sights and lanes It is also an ideal base for day trips several evocative villages and towns(Kharanaq، Chak chak، Meybod)It doesn’t have the big-ticket sights of Isfahan or shiraz، but equally enchanting. .you will see Qajar-era houses and older than that، made from sun-dried mud bricks.and resulting brown skyline is dominated by tall badgirs on almost every rooftops.You will discover covered walkways، simple courtyards، ornate wooden doors and some lovely adobe architecture.

When you are visiting Yazd will understand immediately why the city’s roofscape is a forest of badgirs(wind towers or wind catchers)These ancient systems of natural air conditioning are designed to catch even the lightest breeze and direct it to the rooms below. To appreciate the effect، just stand beneath one