Camel is the only domestic animal that can bear desert climate. for the first time Yazd organizes Camel riding race in mola bashi area. after sistan province, Yazd is second one that organizes Camel riding race. Although horseback riding organizes in any part of Iran, camel riding is just in the desert. we considered stairs for dear travelers to seat on the back of camel, This makes it easy to ride a camel.

Most rides can be done as one person or two people with one camel. Camel riding in Yazd Desert is with the help of a professional rider.

Camel riding in Yazd desert
Camel riding in Yazd desert

Identify some physiological properties of camels

One of the interesting topics in camel physiology is the mechanisms of water conservation. in addition to the role of this mechanisms in water conservation camel energy is also very important in maintaining the energy of the camel ‘s body while riding.The water needed for its body physiology is provided from food moisture.

Camel body temperature

Also, in camel riding, the body temperature of the camel rises and this temperature is proportional to the desert climate. Therefore, the difference in temperature between the body and the environment is reduced, so less energy is used for sweating. In this way, the amount of water excreted through sweating as well as energy consumption is saved. On the other hand, the ambient temperature gradually decreases during the night, the camel saves energy by losing energy during the day.

Camel in Yazd desert
Camel in Yazd desert

Camels that consume water daily, the temperature changes are low, about two degrees Celsius. While in the thirsty camel, which has a lot of riding, these changes are high temperatures of about 6 degrees Celsius.

In camel riding tour in Yazd desert, if you wish, you can enjoy safari (off-road) or four-wheeled motorbike at a separate cost from the tour.

The cost of camel tour with dinner for each person is500 thousands toman. This price is for tours of more than two people.

Tour services: Round trip, Guide, Insurance, Entrance fee, Camel riding, Snack, Dinner

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